MUSIC: Surrounded By Thieves drummer's New Year's resolutions

Recently, we ran a column featuring the New Year’s resolutions of some Vegas musicians, and one dude in particular, Surrounded by Thieves drummer Rich Castro, went above and beyond the call of duty, so much so, that we didn’t have the space to run it in the paper.

And so, drum roll please — the guy is a drummer, after all — here are his resolutions in all their unabridged glory:

1. Quit smoking. Stop using "I like to smoke when I drink," as an excuse when I smoke regardless of having a beer in hand. Who am I kidding?

2. Appreciate what Vegas has to offer local musicians. When on the road, traveling 800 miles to play a show and we are going on at 9 p.m. because last call is at 1:30 a.m. and there are four other bands after us, we have to rush, rush, rush. We played the Double Down Saloon at 3 a.m. to a beyond packed house, which was very satisfying, especially with no last call. Appreciate your hometown.

3. Tour more often and take care of the fans. Our new album, "Prophecies of Greed," is selling great on iTunes and the reviews have been amazing. We need to get out and show America what Las Vegas punk rock is all about. We’re actually cool guys who enjoy talking to our fans and will even give you a ride home if you're stranded at our show. We give a crap about our fans. If you’re short a couple of bucks and want a CD or shirt, no problem. Bands please take note. Take great care of the people that come out to your shows to support you. Play the show of your life every time you take the stage. Not just when you feel like it.

4. Appreciate what I have, not what I don’t have.

5. Take better care of my family. Behind every musician is a family, girlfriend or wife. Practicing three times a week, with three or four shows a month and phone calls galore gets old. When I’m at home I need to focus on family. I just got married to a wonderful girl and she understands my passion for music, I need to understand it’s not all about me.

6. Be a better role model. Yes, you read that right. Punk rock is an attitude, a lifestyle, and we need to do better. Teach the youth. If you are in there slamming, and someone falls down, pick them up ,don’t trample them. They are there for the same reason, to have fun, just like you. If someone starts a fight, stop it. Keep that stuff away from our scene. Let’s be better role models.