OPERA: Where is it?

  I wrote a brief column recently on a UNLV Forum Series that featured an evening of snippets of Italian opera. I was surprised at the number of e-mails I got asking for more info about local opera. To be honest, I haven't kept up much on the local scene. They make me go to plays all the time. But I'll try to post info here as I get it. Here's a note I got today:
  "I read the Review-Journal online, as my husband & I are hoping to relocate to Las Vegas after our 5 visits there. For a couple of years in Oct. (05 and 06,  I think), an opera group (assoc. with Nevada State Opera?) performed at Montelago Village at the open-air performance area. They aren't on the Montelago calendar this year. Do you know if they might be performing anywhere this year?
  "I hope the opera scene does get invigorated in Las Vegas! And thanks for the heads-up about the UNLV Forum lecture series."
  Can anyone help with any info?
  Here's a press release from UNLV:

  Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters, a one-act opera by Pulitzer Prize-winning, American composer Ned Rorem, will be presented at UNLV in the Paul Harris Theatre at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 3. A short concert of American opera arias will precede the staged performance of Rorem’s work. Stewart Cramer, UNLV Graduate Student in Music, is both director and producer of this independent student production.
  With its wonderfully written score and quick-witted writing, Ned Rorem and Gertrude Stein are perfectly paired to create this spirited 35-minute work. Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters speaks to the child within all of us, young and not-so-young. When the five youthful characters embark on a murderously mischievous game of childhood adventure, the scenes unravel like a tall tale. Full of surprises, they play out their precocious parts until the very end.
  Comprised of both students and alumni of the UNLV Department of Music, the cast includes Joanne Jennette as Jenny, Valerie Ore as Ellen, and Lamia Porter as Helen, singing the title roles of the “three sisters.” Appearing as their counterparts, Stewart Cramer will play Samuel and Brandon Teal will perform the role of Sylvester, the “two brothers.” Petya Karakoleva will be accompanying the performance on piano.