THEATER: Adult play attracts mom/teenagers

In my Wednesday review of Ragtag Entertainment's "Dog Sees God" at the Onyx, I suggested it would be of value for parents to see this very adult show, which plays through Saturday, with their teenagers. One of the play's themes has to do with school bullying, and I figured most parents don't know if their teenager is a bully or is being bullied. But I also thought, "What parents are going to take their kid to a show at the Onyx -- especially one that features a lot of sexual references?"

Just received the following note from one parent that I can't help but share:


In response to your review of 'Dog Meets God': I am a regular patron of the Onyx Theater and was very interested in attending the above mentioned play. I had mentioned it to my husband, but he was not interested, so I put the thought of going on the back burner. I had not really considered taking my two teenage daughters until reading your review. Thank you for challenging me to take them. I wholeheartedly agree that it was the type of show that parents should see with their teens. We all laughed, and the ride home was full of meaningful discussion about tolerance. It is a shame that so many parents would be afraid to expose their children to this type of frank and edgy discussion. As my younger teen said, "This isn't anything I have not already heard at school.'


Wendy Gelbart."