TV: Seinfeld-produced 'Marriage Ref' series sets Saturday auditions

  No, Jerry Seinfeld won't be there ... but local couples in need of a "Marriage Ref" should be. That is, if you're interested in airing your marital squabbles on reality TV.
  The casting team for Seinfeld's new NBC series, "The Marriage Ref," is looking for "outgoing and opinionated married couples (including newlyweds) who are willing to appear on national television and have a long-standing argument or issue that must be resolved. No problem is too small!" 
  At least not to the show's casting officials, who will be at Henderson's Galleria at Sunset food court from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1, interviewing couples who argue about parenting, pets, in-laws, sex ... whatever. Those chosen for the show will get advice from the title "Marriage Ref" and various celebrities. (Maybe even married Jerry Seinfeld himself.)
  If you're interested in auditioning, e-mail the show's casting team at Please include contact info, city you live in, photos, a paragraph about why you're the perfect couple for this show and a brief explanation about your arguments, detailing why you are right (and why your spouse is wrong).
  Applications also will be available at Saturday's open call; more information on the casting calls is available at online.