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Growth chances might be deeper on other side of border

You may have reasons to open markets abroad. Competition or lackluster reviews for your product or service in the United States may be among them. The drive for your product or service internationally, however, outstrips it domestically. Still, you face far more complex transactions because of language, culture and the intricacies of transportation and entry.

Capitalize on being micromanaged

If you’re being micromanaged or you think you are, try something new. View this as an opportunity to help you. You can convince yourself that the behavior isn’t personal once you understand it and become aware of its prevalence. Then you can capitalize on it.

Evaluate online communities for their usefulness

Sit back for a moment and visualize the sentences filled with information passing each other like airplanes in front of your eyes. They’re unstoppable. You may not have time to evaluate them before they fly away. It’s no surprise that people are looking for resources to corral information.

Dream a little dream and help success come true

A would-be certified public accountant came to psychologist Catherine Shainberg after failing the CPA qualifying exam nine times. Shainberg guided him through exercises to shift his attention from logical thinking (left brain) to dreams (right brain), which are more creative.