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CULP: Tech users, both young and old, can help each other grow

Technology, once sexy, offers unimaginable efficiency when it doesn’t malfunction. It enraptured sectors of the workplace and still facilitates career obsolescence, tension and exit interviews for nonconverts. Now that some of the early adopters of technology have spent their careers with it, how are they reacting to it? Is their behavior aligned with that of other technical and nontechnical players?

Selflessness key to a passionate business

“Small businesses are more likely to have passionate people or passionate people are more likely to be in small businesses,” says August Turak, author of “Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity.”

Protect your interests when using recruiters

Obtaining short-term assignments through a recruiting firm is different from landing one on your own with an organization. Recruiters may be advantageous to your search, because they work in the world of jobs. However, working with them is less direct and therefore a little more complicated.

Contract workers advised to build relationships

“Contract workers are the business equivalent of stepchildren who go from one parent’s home to the other,” comments Misti Cain, founder of the boutique marketing agency Red Cello Marketing in Carlsbad, Calif. She worked with them for seven years and is one now.

By welcoming surprises, entrepreneurs find joy

Entrepreneurs, compared with people in other occupations, often appear to experience life as a whole in their work. They’re engaged, attentive and open to surprises that lift them up. Sometimes, the natural environment causes them; other times, entrepreneurial drive does.

Offering help, gratitude can pay off in workplace

“We’d been working on a large tool for four or five months to allow people new to investing to search more than 15,000 mutual funds and identify the best ones for them,” says Susan Lyon, senior analyst at NerdWallet Inc., a financial literacy website based out of San Francisco. “It was a really big data set. Less than a week before launch, we found an error we’d have to correct.”

Businesses need to find ways to maintain focus

Corralling clients and prospective clients in demanding environments may require you to compete with other attention-getters to assure a new or continued revenue stream. Meetings, telephone calls, a torrent of emails, bosses, supervisees and external customers likely come first. Become skilled at spotting lack of focus and returning it to projects.

Antisocial personalities may lurk in cubicles

The Boston Marathon bombing drew attention to the antisocial personality, beginning with the bombing, an act of violence, and the emotionless face of the younger suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. You might encounter it more commonly at work in theft, lying, sexual harassment and stalking.