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Evaluate online communities for their usefulness

Sit back for a moment and visualize the sentences filled with information passing each other like airplanes in front of your eyes. They’re unstoppable. You may not have time to evaluate them before they fly away. It’s no surprise that people are looking for resources to corral information.

Dream a little dream and help success come true

A would-be certified public accountant came to psychologist Catherine Shainberg after failing the CPA qualifying exam nine times. Shainberg guided him through exercises to shift his attention from logical thinking (left brain) to dreams (right brain), which are more creative.

Stopping domestic violence can start at the workplace, observers say

“I came to work one day and peeped into the cube of my analyst, who was wearing a turtleneck sweater, hat and scarf in the middle of summer,” said Suzanne Garber, chief networking officer at International SOS Inc. “She refused to turn her face to me when I said good morning. I waited. When she (finally) did, I saw she had a black eye and fat lip. It looked as if her nose had been attempted to be ripped off.”

How do you spend lunch break? Culture may affect your choice

Patterns around lunch breaks provide clues to company culture. In some companies, activities vary, but not so in others. Time allocated can be telling. A survey from OfficeTeam, based in Menlo Park, Calif., shows that 48 percent of 400 employees polled may be rushed, with less than a half-hour. Another 28 percent take at least an hour. Whether you’re on the low end, the high or somewhere in between, the culture of your company or business may influence how you spend that time.

Personal recruiting approach will help businesses land talented hires

Job seekers will be relying more and more on staffing companies that are friendly to applicants in a market filled with legions of job hunters. One reason is obvious. In some fields, full-time, permanent positions are declining. In others, highly qualified job seekers create competition for companies bringing them on board. Applicant-friendly staffing benefits job seekers in declining and robust industries.