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Personal recruiting approach will help businesses land talented hires

Job seekers will be relying more and more on staffing companies that are friendly to applicants in a market filled with legions of job hunters. One reason is obvious. In some fields, full-time, permanent positions are declining. In others, highly qualified job seekers create competition for companies bringing them on board. Applicant-friendly staffing benefits job seekers in declining and robust industries.

Book offers helpful signposts for 'second act' job-seekers

Emphatically not. Nancy Collamer, author of “Second-Act Careers,” lays out tools, including websites, for your next step and will inspire you to shape a new career. While many of the best-networked people of a certain age uncover opportunities wherever they go, you can succeed without one. Her book will help you explore an idea until you act on it or move forward on another.

Try these tactics for a little less conversation, a little more action

Blame baby boomers for expressing themselves. They spend forever talking to make people feel good and understand the complex world around them. The consequences are real. For example, Laura Stack, in “What To Do When There’s Too Much to Do: Reduce Tasks, Increase Results and Save 90 Minutes a Day,” writes that “gossiping and complaining … waste time (and damage) corporate culture.”

Scapegoating sours workplace and often leads to upheaval

In some offices, people focus on a person as responsible for their dissatisfaction and blame the person for causing it, according to Jessica Campbell, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Palm Beach, Fla. These situations often lead to upheaval in the workplace, with the scapegoat being terminated, resigning or doing anything to hang on.

Job hunt vexing you? These tips can help you bag big gig

What gets people hired? Let successful former job seekers describe the smartest job-hunting tactic they ever used in their careers. Of the four here, one reduced his reliance on online searching, another decided to be who she is, a third sourced contacts from the business that let her go and a fourth relentlessly followed every lead.

CULP: Tech users, both young and old, can help each other grow

Technology, once sexy, offers unimaginable efficiency when it doesn’t malfunction. It enraptured sectors of the workplace and still facilitates career obsolescence, tension and exit interviews for nonconverts. Now that some of the early adopters of technology have spent their careers with it, how are they reacting to it? Is their behavior aligned with that of other technical and nontechnical players?

Selflessness key to a passionate business

“Small businesses are more likely to have passionate people or passionate people are more likely to be in small businesses,” says August Turak, author of “Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity.”