Day 1C hands: The royal rumor and more

With more than 3,400 players in action during Day 1C of the $10,000 buy-in No-limit Texas Hold'em World Championship, there's bound to be a few crazy hands dealt.
Early Monday evening, word spread throughout the Rio Convention Center of a hand involving a royal flush. As it turns out, neither player involved held the best hand in poker. Instead, the dealer put a royal flush on the board and they chopped the pot after pushing all-in.
Just before the final break, 2005 Main Event runner-up Steve Dannenman was on the losing end of a huge pot. Dannenman held pocket jacks and appeared to be in great shape when he turned a set after the flop of 7-9-9. The river 7 gave Dannenman a full house, but his opponent held pocket 7s to make quads and win the pot. A third player was also involved and held 6-9, but his full house was third-best.
Dannenman said he lost nearly 25,000 chips on the hand.