Koroknai eliminated in sixth at WSOP Main Event, earns more than $1.64 million

Andras Koroknai of Hungary was eliminated in sixth place in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and earned $1,640,902.

Greg Merson of Laurel, Md. raised to one million in chips, Jesse Sylvia reraised from the small blind to 2.6 million. In the big blind, Koroknai reraised and made it 5.3 million to go. Merson reraised to 9.2 million. Sylvia folded and Koroknai moved all in. Merson quickly called, creating a massive pot.

Merson showed an ace-king and Koroknai had a king-queen. The community cards didn’t change the hands and Koroknai was gone, leaving five players at the table.

Merson had the chip lead with 86.1 million. Sylvia was in second with 51.525 million while Russell Thomas was in third with 22.9 million. Jeremy Ausmus was in fourth with 19.325 million and Jake Balsiger was fifth with 18.125 million.