Pius Heinz of Germany wins the World Series of Poker Main Event Championship

Pius Heinz, a 22-year-old German college student, won the World Series of Poker’s Main Event World Championship shortly after midnight Wednesday, collecting $8.715 million.

Martin Staszko, 35, from the Czech Republic, finished second and earned $5.43 million.

Twice, Heinz used the same unusual hand – ace high - to take home the title in the $10,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em World Championship.

On the night’s 123rd hand, Staszko pushed his last 39.5 million in chips to the center of the table and Heinz called. Staszko turned over a 10 and 7 of clubs while Heinz had ace spades and king of clubs.

The flop was a five of clubs, 2 of diamonds and 9 spades, the turn came jack of hearts and the river was a 4 of diamonds. The last card set off loud cheers from Heinz’s German supporters.

The ace high hand helped Heinz on the 115th hand, which turned events toward his favor. He had spent roughly several hours trailing Staszko and was several times close to elimination.

Heinz took down a monster 162 million chip pot for the night’s ninth lead change and a commanding lead.

On the hand, Staszko limped in from the button and Heinz raised to 7.9 million in the big blind. Staszko called and the flop came up 10 of clubs, 7 of clubs and king of spades.

Heinz bet 8.2 million and Staszko raised to 17.5 million.

Heinz spent several minutes considering his options and suddenly announced an all in reraise for 72.95 million. Staszko called and flipped over a queen of clubs, 9 of clubs — one card short of a flush.

Heinz showed ace of heart, queen of hearts.

The turn card – 3 of hearts — and the river card – 6 of spades – made Heinz’s ace high the winning hand, giving him 78 percent of the chips in play.