Poker fans decked out for WSOP final table

Maybe Dennis Phillips was on to something.

Last year, fans of the World Series of Poker Main Event finalist, dominated the Rio’s Penn & Teller Theater, wearing white work shirts and red St. Louis Cardinals caps in support of Phillips.

The idea caught on.

As the crowd poured into the theater for the 2009 final table, friends of supporters of the players made the own mark.

Supporters of Steven Begleiter, the Wall Street investment banker, wore blue T-shirts with “Begs!, Begs!, Begs!” on the back along with red and blue FullTilt Poker caps.

Joe Cada, the 21-year-old Michigan resident who is vying to become the World Series of Poker’s youngest-ever champion was back by fans wearing yellow long-sleve T-shirts with the University of Michigan logo and a PokerStars logo on the front and his name on the backside.

Chip leader Darvin Moon, the rural Maryland logger, was given 150 white T-shirts with the logo of the Wheeling, W.Va., casino where he qualified for the tournament to hand out to supporters. However, Moon wasn’t happy about the slogan on the back, “Bad Moon Rising.”

France’s Antoine Saout’s supporters sported T-Shirts with the color of the French flag.

Fans of Florida resident Kevin Schaffel wore shirts with image on the front with word “Schaffel Up and Deal.”