Two crazy hands shake up the leader board at the WSOP

Here’s the chip count after two crazy hands; Jesse Sylvia, 85 million; Greg Merson 74.325 million; Jake Balsiger, 38.15 million.

How did we get here?

On the 252nd hand, Balsiger went all-in with an ace-10 and Sylvia called with an ace-king. The turn card produced a 10 to give Balsiger a 38 million chip double-up.

On the next hand, Sylvia raised to two million and Merson three-bet to 4.8 million. Sylvia responded with a four-bet to 10.2 million and Merson moved all-in for 42.275 million. Sylvia called immediately.

Merson had a pair of kings and Sylvia showed an ace-king. The flop was 3, 5, 2 off-suit, leaving Sylvia options. The turn card was an 8 but the river brought a 4, giving Sylvia a straight and mixing up the leader board once again.

Three-handed play has now lasted well over five hours.