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You can have riches and restraint after all

When the rich and famous get married in the United States, expectations are high in terms of expenses. They're low in terms of class. We presume a deal will be worked out with a gossip magazine for the first official photos. A reality TV special will probably air. And, a bridal designer's name will be mentioned more than the mother-of-the-bride's.

Got a nasty anonymous comment? Get a blog

Since Caller ID went mainstream in the mid-'90s, you might be hard-pressed to recall the last time you got a call provoking you to check if, indeed, your refrigerator was running. Likewise, heavy breathing on the other end of the line now usually indicates the caller is out of shape, not a pervert. That's because the question "who's calling?" is answered before the call itself.

A president's statement, a joyful moment

Being friends with my 18-year-old nephew on Facebook has meant getting used to things like status updates that start with the word "um," self-portraits taken in his private studio - also known as his bathroom - and YouTube links that make his aunt marvel over our youth's usage of free time.

A lost son's kind spirit lives on

The thought of moving forward after losing a child is something only those who haven't lost a child can easily grasp. For Drew and Barbara Stevens, whose 12-year-old son Josh died in an accident 3½ years ago, the concept is still lost on them.