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If cash is before character, we suffer

You want to believe that someone who works in the health care industry has extra caring in his or her soul for their fellow man, that they’re at least partially driven by service to mankind, not solely by the pleasures and power made possible by the dollar.

UMC doctor's dedication inspiring

When nurse Abby Hudema talks about why the University Medical Center pediatric intensive care unit staff follows infection control policies so closely — it was one of only five such units nationwide to earn the Consumer Reports’ top rating for preventing bloodstream infections in 2012 — she recalls a scene that at first blush doesn’t seem to have much to do with preventing bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

Don't let Desai dominate spotlight

If you believe the great writer Oscar Wilde — “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” — the past week was a great one for those trying to make medical tourism a substantial part of the economic engine of Southern Nevada.

Insurers refuse, patients lose

When insurance companies and medical providers have one of their frequent wars over money, what too often happens is that you and me –– so often referred to as either a cherished policyholder or a cherished patient –– end up as collateral damage.

Clinic makes for better nights

As I left Good Night Pediatrics in Henderson –– an all-night urgent care for kids at 2651 Green Valley Parkway –– I took a trip down memory lane, remembering late nights 30 years ago with my own children when they were little and hurting.

Straight answers scare in HPN trial

Every so often in a trial where a jury has found that a company’s behavior has put people in harm’s way, you can find exchanges between an attorney and a key witness that seem to capture that company’s embarrassment and shame.

Need for Pepto not going away

Chances are better than good that you or someone in your family has already suffered from it. It really doesn’t surprise you all that much when it happens –– cramps, diarrhea, vomiting.

Pain, empathy and a girl's gift

When 11-year-old Mackenzi Moers receives an intravenous blood product designed to boost her fragile immune system –– every three weeks her condition, called hypogammaglobulinemia, requires her to undergo a taxing six-hour regimen that supplies her with antibodies to help fight infection –– she is troubled by what she sees.

Doctor's efforts to raise alarm about Desai rebuffed

Well before Dr. Dipak Desai faced criminal charges, Dr. Charles Cohan gave you the sense that the best the physician at the center of the 2007 hepatitis C outbreak in Las Vegas should hope for professionally is popping prisoners’ hemorrhoids, if he was allowed to practice medicine at all.