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Therapist's similes deliver smiles

It doesn't take long to determine that Adrien Pettit finds helping children with speech problems a fulfilling and rewarding career. Her face lights up when she talks about a child who's overcome stuttering or an inability to produce certain sounds...

Is anyone watching the pharmacy industry?

The more you follow the outbreak of meningitis, which is linked to tainted spinal injections developed by a compounding pharmacy out of Massachusetts, the more disgusted you become. And the more you look into whether compounding pharmacies are well-regulated in Nevada, the more worried you become.

Repaying kindness a patient at a time

At three in the morning Dr. Florence Jameson helped bring a new baby into this world. Five hours later, she stood in the lobby of the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada clinic and excitedly talked about giving birth to a facility to help the uninsured.

More dirt on hospital cleanliness

Wendy Simons, the chief of the state agency that investigates consumer complaints about hospitals, knows firsthand that they sometimes come up short on cleanliness. Not long ago, when her daughter was entering a hospital for a procedure, Simons...

Many used as unwitting lab rats

It's painful to think about: There are doctors and scientists and businessmen and government officials who lie to people about the safety of work they're asked to do. As I talked with 70-year-old Oscar Foger, such behavior was front and center.

Medical providers should take heed

It may seem strange: Medical practitioners could learn a lot from Col. Rodolfo Meana. Yes, from him they could learn to really care about people. In Las Vegas, Meana will undoubtedly be remembered as the first to die from the 2007 hepatitis C outbreak.

Quackery or cure? It's sometimes hard to tell

When Las Vegan Rick Tope showed me a bottle of Canker Cure – pills he advertises as preventing and healing painful canker sores in the mouth - I noted some ingredients had been crossed out with a black pen. "I have better ingredients now," he said. "I don't want to tell you for proprietary reasons … there's amino acids, too."

Struggling for life, absolutely terrified

My 88-year-old mother's last days in the hospital were pure hell. There is no doubt that she thought the members of the hospital staff were trying to kill her. A recent study found that for people with Alzheimer's disease, a stay in the hospital accelerated mental decline and increased the risk of going into a nursing home or dying.

No cancer immunity for those with M.D.s

Somehow it always comes as a surprise - a doctor or his loved ones getting sick. Oh, sure, when I think about it rationally, I know physicians and their families are prone to the same illnesses and bad luck as the rest of us mortals. But I'm not always rational when it comes to my health or that of my family.

Patient's faith in doctor rewarded

When Tom Thomason took the fifth, he was in a Sunrise Hospital operating room, not a courtroom. Still, there was a question he couldn't answer as he went under the knife. Could Dr. Troy Watson pull off a successful ankle replacement surgery on his fifth try?