AROUND TOWN: Get in shape with Stomp classes

They are three magic words every woman loves to hear. No, not "I love you." But rather, "You’ve lost weight."

Those are often hard-won comments, and it bums me out when I hear Nevada ranks so high in obese people. OK, so  it’s easy to take that first step and sign up with a gym and maybe your intentions are good and all. But then the issue of getting to the gym comes up. And your schedule. And your kid’s soccer slash ballet slash piano lessons. You get the idea.

It’s not easy to carve out time to get fit. But the rewards of working out are so much more than hearing those three words. There’s self esteem, a better outlook, and fitting into that airline seat. Gyms are offering innovative classes like Zumba and hip-hop to keep things interesting. One of the most innovative is the Stomp class at The Las Vegas Athletic Club. Check it out.

— Jan Hogan/View File Photo