PETS: Readers send in photos of their animals

Readers have submitted hundreds of entries to View’s pets section. Because we only can feature a few photos each week in the newspaper, we decided to expand the sharing online. We hope you enjoy these extra faces, and remind you to check back each Tuesday for more photos of your best friends.

“This is Lacy Lu, our 9-year-old tabby cat,” wrote Dale and Connie Alcorn of Las Vegas. “She loves to constantly be with us. Lacy does not know a stranger. She loves company and can be found on the lap of anyone visiting. She is the sweetest and most gentle animal. We love her soooo much!”

Heinz Lauer shared this photo of his dog, Odyssey, and her boyfriend, Minkie. “Odyssey is a pit bull someone abandoned in a parking lot on Ranch Drive about four years ago. My wife brought her home, and she bonded with Minkie right away. They play and cuddle together and walk around the house with each other. Odyssey is a certified therapy dog who visits people in assisted living facilities on a regular basis.”

Linda Frechette of Las Vegas shared this photo of her dog, Piggy, who once belonged to a friend who died of cancer. “Piggy is a mix between a Chihuahua and a terrier,” she wrote. “She loves to go for walks, eat her treats and loves attention! And trust me, I spoil her rotten! She is very precious, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is almost 3 years old, so I will get to have her for a very long time!”

“This is Scooter, our 10-year-old peach-faced lovebird,” wrote Dale and Connie Alcorn of Las Vegas. “Scooter is very active and loves to cuddle. She loves to play and chirp at our cat. Scooter will ride on our shoulders and show off for attention. We love her so much!”