PETS: Readers send in photos of their animals

Readers have submitted hundreds of entries to View’s pets section. Because we only can feature a few photos each week in the newspaper, we decided to expand the sharing online. We hope you enjoy these extra faces, and remind you to check back each Tuesday for more photos of your best friends.

“Here is a picture of Belle, playing it cool on her ninth birthday,” wrote Amy Murphy.

“My Maltese’s name is Keno Jackpot,” wrote Sheree Crawford of Las Vegas. “I rescued him over the Christmas holidays, and he turned a year old March 26. He loves to play, is full of energy and is full of mischief. That’s probably why he can sleep anywhere and any way!”

“Mia and Lila are not only our cute best friends, but they are very intelligent, too,” wrote Jon Sylcott of Las Vegas.

“This is our beautiful Tiffany, who is a Lhasa apso,” wrote Bob and Ursula Wilson. “Tiffany was born with an extra long tongue and learned to fold it whenever she eats. She loves to snuggle with me and her daddy and is a real homebody.”

“My cat had the luck o’ the Irish on his side the day he came into my animal hospital,” wrote Blair McNally of Las Vegas. “The instant I saw him with only three legs, he swept me off mine. I decided to name him Tres because it seemed most suitable for the little guy.”