PETS: Readers send in photos of their animals

Readers have submitted hundreds of entries to View’s pets section. Because we only can feature a few photos each week in the newspaper, we decided to expand the sharing online. We hope you enjoy these extra faces, and remind you to check back each Tuesday for more photos of your best friends.

Patty Pulley of Las Vegas shared this photo of Muffin, an 11-year-old certified therapy pet. “She is a bichon fries, and she has been visiting hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and libraries since 2002. As you can see, she is a sports fan in her ‘off-duty’ time, and she proudly supported the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl”

Donald Draper and Howard Feldman shared this photo of Phan-Thom, who was born wild in a backyard 20 years ago. “After living in the bushes and peering out from under the leaves (thus the name Phan-Thom), Our Shih Tzu, Bei-Leing, showed him the food on the floor, and he has lived with us ever since! While he has reached the ripe old age of 20, he is still agile and can catch vermin and lizard tails. He goes on walks with the dogs to protect us from the ducks where we live. He is an amazing cat!”

Mary Falco of Henderson shared this photo. “Friends Mary Falco and Rhonda Kaminsky spend an evening with their dogs at Rhonda’s house, 'The Poodle Palace.' Mary’s dog Murphy, a silky terrier, loves playing with the poodles!” From left are Tiger, Mary, Tiki, Moe, Rhonda, Sapphire and Murphy.