PETS: Readers send in photos of their animals

Readers have submitted hundreds of entries to View’s pets section. Because we only can feature a few photos each week in the newspaper, we decided to expand the sharing online. We hope you enjoy these extra faces, and remind you to check back each Tuesday for more photos of your best friends.

Lee and Geri Arnold of Las Vegas shared this photo of their Shih Tzus, Bandit, left, and Bella. “Bella has been an ‘alpha’ dog from the first day we brought her home at 8 weeks. They are great companions for each other and give us lots of company and entertainment.”

Cheryl Fine of Las Vegas shared this photo of her 9-year-old dog, Elton John. “But like humans, 9 is now the new 4. ... I am a rat terrier, fearless and love to go hiking every week with my human. My best friend is Chanel, a Siamese cat. I am very sociable, so I accepted her into my home, but I will always be the alpha pet.”

“Sugar is a 4-year-old Bichon who always has a smile on her face and a perpetual waggly tail,” wrote Larry Utterback of Las Vegas. “Her hobby is to watch for and chase rabbits out of our yard. She does this in order to protect us from those ‘wascally wabbits.’ For this service, we thankfully sleep peacefully at night.”