PETS: Readers send in photos of their animals

Readers have submitted hundreds of entries to View’s pets section. Because we only can feature a few photos each week in the newspaper, we decided to expand the sharing online. We hope you enjoy these extra faces, and remind you to check back each Tuesday for more photos of your best friends.

Myrna Hutt shared this photo of Charlotte, her Giant schnauzer, reading to students at Gragson Elementary School.

Tina Cimmino of Southern Highlands shared this photo of Frankie B, a Maltese/Yorkie mix. “She is a little tomboy kind of girl and a spoiled princess. She travels everywhere with me. ... She is my sleeping beauty after a long day walking the beach then back to the hotel for a nap.”

“This is the look my husband and I get when we tell our 11-month-old dachshund, Noodle, that he isn’t allowed under our covers!” wrote Brianna Jones of Nellis Air Force Base. “He loves to be snuggled up close and is not very understanding when we say no. He will dig and dig on our bed until we relent.”

“My husband, Todd, and I recently took our pug Wonton on a fall hike at the Valley of Fire and he loved it, with the exception of sand in his paws,” wrote Adrienne Holliday of Summerlin. “I thought that I would share this pic since he is such a handsome gent!”