YOUR BEST FRIENDS: Readers share pictures of their pets, Oct. 23

Donna Houle of Summerlin shared this photo of her new puppy, Fiona, left, a PapiGriffon that was adopted from Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc. Her other dog is Phoebe, a rat terrier who turned 14 in September.

Rod Miller of Henderson shared this photo of Mr. Chip. "It’s awfully hot out. I think I’ll just sit I out and stay cool today. I’m not such a dumb animal after all."

Henderson resident Barbara Sciortino says, “This is my Siamese, Tinker. He spends all his time with me. Here he is checking out the Internet, which he likes to do every day.”

Las Vegas resident Kathee Wilmoth’s Daisy was a Valentine’s Day gift three years ago. “She conveniently has a tuft of white hair on her head shaped like a heart,” Wilmoth said. “Daisy will be 5 years old on Dec. 6, and she sleeps with us every night; our little love pillow.”