YOUR BEST FRIENDS: Readers share pictures of their pets, Sept. 18

Kathryn McCarthy shared this photo of Bambi reading her favorite page of View. "She was rescued from a shelter at 10 years old and hopes all animals can have the chance to be spoiled like her! She loves laying on her back for a belly rub and chewing on your toes and fingers when you sleep in too late. She even gives you kisses on your cheek.  We feel like the luckiest pet parents in the world."

Sarah St. Claire of Summerlin shared this photo of Dino and Duchess. “Dino and Duchess are great. Each has so many different qualities. Duchess still has little claws and fetches and retrieves fuzzy pipe cleaner balls. Dino is a lap cat and was named after Dean Martin for his tux.” 

“Snoopy is my 5-year-old Chihuahua,” wrote Stephanie Segundo of Las Vegas. “He is very playful and especially loves to wear his hat at all times.”

Monique Smitherman of Henderson shared this photo of Red, front, and Gafah, back. “Red loves face-to-face camera time while Gafah would rather stay behind the scenes.”