40-something friends to battle

What we've got Saturday at Mandalay Bay is a big fight between old friends. Las Vegan Randy Couture, 46, takes on Vegas-trained Mark Coleman, 45.

I talked with Couture for a Q&A in today's Neon section. At one point, I asked him whether Brock Lesnar, the heavyweight champ and former WWE wrestler, behaves all edgy because he has a chip on his shoulder.

"I'm not sure," Couture said. "If you were just talking to him, you'd like him. He's a very personable guy," he said.

But Couture said when the camera light comes on, Lesnar's "WWE thing" kicks in.

"I can't decide if he just has a short fuse and certain things get under his skin and he loses his mind, or if it's intentional, if that's a persona that he's created and that he's living up to."

Whatever the deal is with Lesnar, Couture is a gentleman who can beat the crap out of you. He's still known as "Captain America," after all. For more on the fight, check out today's Neon.


Santana's back in town to perform at the Hard Rock today-Sunday, plus other dates in February.

I asked Santana, who is moving to Las Vegas this spring, whether there's anything people don't know about him at this point. Yes, he said.

"Every year," he said, "I've decided to do three things that I said I would never do -- things I feared. Maybe snorkel, maybe parachute, and ... my worst fear ever in the world: to cook. To learn how to cook!

"Even though I love spices and stuff like that, for some reason, cooking is the worst (fear) in the world. So that's my kinkiest thing."

And yet, 2010 isn't the year he'll be busting that fear.

"Hopefully next year," he said and laughed.


Vince Neil sings Saturday at his own place, Feelgoods Rock Bar & Grill, as part of his birthday celebration.

The Motley Crue singer and Las Vegan recently recorded his first solo album in years at friend "Count" Danny Koker's studio, which sits in red velvety glory near strip club row.

I went to the studio, where Neil showed me a fancy watch and talked about his other watches, and his cars, and many other collectibles.

After a while, I asked him what else he collects.

"Checks!" he said.

Performers billed for his birthday bash: Blandini and Dinner For The Music Gods. Neil is supposed to perform "into the early morning hours," his people say. Admission is $15 at the club, 6750 W. Sahara Ave. near Rainbow Boulevard. For more, call 220-8849.

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