Grist for the Rumor Mill

Celebrities deal with public lies told about them every day. But it's remarkable how many untrue things have been said and written about Sheena Easton. Some doozies:


Easton -- who has lived in Las Vegas since 2000 -- didn't write her hits, so she hasn't earned big royalties when they've played the radio, TV or movies. Most of her money has come from touring and showroom gigs in Las Vegas.

But a British newspaper once put Easton on its list of richest Brits, saying she owned gobs of property.

"I love that one! That was a great one," Easton, 49, says in her native Scottish accent. "I was on a list where I was 'one of the top five richest women in Europe,' and I was very close to the queen in wealth. Yeah, I 'owned half of Beverly Hills,' apparently. I used to go, 'Damn, which side of the street is mine? I forgot to collect the rent this week.' It cracks me up."


When she shot the music video for 1987's "U Got The Look," she flew to Paris for one day's work on it.

"Pretty shortly after that, it was in the papers that he bought me an apartment in Paris," she says.

That story suggested, according to a "close source": "He led me into the apartment, over to the windows, with his hands covering my eyes, and did the ol' 'Ta-da, what do you think, darling?' And 'Sheena was delighted.' That is so great!"

Easton laughs.

"The reason why this particular article sticks in my mind is just how corny and stupid it was," she says. "Try and picture this scene, right? ... He would bring along a 'close source' with us for this big romantic moment.

"So along with all my real estate I own in Beverly Hills, I own an apartment in Paris," she jests. "I keep the private jet in the garage more often than I use it, but you're welcome to borrow it and nip off to Paris and stay in my apartment any time you want."

She understands how these rumors got started.

"Any time a female works with a male, they assume that you're datin'. When I did 'Miami Vice,' apparently, I was 'dating Don Johnson.' When I worked with Prince, I was 'his girlfriend.' "


Another false story written about her, she says with a gleeful laugh, is she snared a guy in a crowd to be her boyfriend. This was when she was in a stage show -- either on Broadway or in Vegas; she can't remember which.

"Apparently, I spotted a guy in the audience and said, 'I have to have that man!' " she says with a big laugh. "I think it was a daytime soap guy."

The gossip story suggested they were "seen closing down a well-known eatery together, gazing," then got engaged.

"But then what happens is the bastard dumps me! So not only had I never met this man, but after closing down eateries and gettin' engaged, I got publicly dumped by him, because he went back to his old girlfriend," she says and laughs for about five seconds.


What is true about Easton's romantic life is she has been divorced four times.

"I still suck at choosing partners," she says.

When I tell her that puts her near the Liz Taylor range, she jokes, "At least I didn't marry the same asshole twice. You can't put me on that list."

And she knows what she's done wrong, she says.

"I don't date a lot," she says. "When I get involved with somebody, I either get involved with them and it's over very fast, or I get involved with them then I get married very fast -- then I get to know them!"

She laughs at herself.

"You shouldn't do that. Honestly, that would be the advice I would give everybody: Don't marry somebody and then get to know them.

"This might sound funny and strange and weird, but sometimes being in love with somebody is not good enough reason to marry them. You really gotta get married for reasons other than just being in love."

She's told her teenagers, Jake and Skylar, she's made mistakes in love, but at least she was smart enough not stay in the "hell" of a failing relationship just to keep from looking like a serial divorcee.

"I'd rather people thought I was an asshole" than stay in a bad relationship.

Dating in Las Vegas is hard, so goes the cliché. But Easton says it's hard all over.

"I've lived in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas. They're all impossible towns to date in, to be honest," she says, but then she puts her counsel in perspective.

"Why are we even talking about this? We are talking about a subject I'm definitely not equipped to be talking about! Relationship advice?"

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