LV might be Nas' kind of place

If you're looking for a new way to describe Las Vegas, rapper Nas says he's got it:

"To perform in Las Vegas is just like heaven on steroids," he tells me.

Nas comes to steroidal heaven Saturday to play the Hard Rock with Damian Marley. They have an album together, "Distant Relatives."

Nas has been in the news for a custody dispute with his ex, Kelis, the milk-shaker.

I asked him what he wants his kids (Destiny, 16, and Knight, 10 months) to turn out to be.

"I want them to learn about the love about places, people and things that came before them," he says. "I want them to contribute somehow to our future. It can be anything they want to do."

Sounds like a song.


The reason you'll see Ed Hardy T-shirts all over Mandalay Bay this weekend is, that's where UFC Fan Expo is.

Check out my interview in today's Neon section with UFC honcho Dana White, who says of his blackjack status: "I'm probably one of the biggest players in town right now."


As I reported Tuesday, Chelsea Handler is bringing Jenny McCarthy here to party this weekend, with Handler doing stand-up at Caesars on Saturday.

Handler tells me she's back to bumming cigarettes on weekends. She wants to quit but until then:

"I smoke when I drink now, which I hadn't done for about five years."

Handler says it does pay her bills to ridicule tabloid stars, but they are shaming our nation:

"It's embarrassing. The only thing worse than America is New Jersey."


The biggest DJ and dance event in America is "The Love Festival" at the Palms today-Sunday, featuring Armin Van Buuren, Keith Evan, Miguel Migs, the Down & Derby roller disco, plus Jason Derulo and dozens of other headliners. Check ... If you're a poker nut, go to the Rio today through Sunday and (for free) watch pros bluff at the World Series of Poker. That would be Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Annie Duke and all those cats. ... Shaggy performs Saturday at Caesars club Pure and hangs Sunday at Caesars' Venus pool. ... Snoop Dogg hangs Saturday at Venus then raps Saturday night at Luxor club LAX. ... The Time plays Saturday-Sunday at the Hilton. ... Huey Lewis and the News do M Resort on Saturday. ... Barenaked Ladies go to Mandalay Bay Beach on Saturday. .. Russell Peters does stand-up at the Hard Rock on Sunday.

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