Santana ready to become Las Vegan

Hard Rock headliner Carlos Santana is about to become a Las Vegas resident.

"I'm gonna buy a house and move to Las Vegas," he tells me. "I know a guy that's already aligning me to find something that is very, very nice ... hopefully by the end of spring."

Santana, who performs at the Hard Rock from Wednesday through Feb. 21, decided to move here after discovering Vegas' great humanity at Three Square Food Bank, he says.

Santana, 62, worked with Three Square last year. Donations from him and fans amounted to $40,000, enough money to serve thousands of meals to needy families.

"When I went to that humongous building full of food and people packing it, I got to see how we as humans are going to take care of each other in the future.

"What a revelation."

And he was inspired by community leaders such as Andre Agassi, who runs an education foundation, in "this incredible galaxy in the desert."

Santana has a place in San Francisco and will live in different homes part time. But he doesn't consider himself a home "owner."

"To me, everything is borrowed from God. Whenever he wants it back, I want to give it back in the best condition -- including my children, my fingers, my guitar, my thoughts.

"I really do believe everything is borrowed from God. And the more you accept that, the less strife and tension and stress you have. You become a real custodian. I came in naked; I'm gonna go out naked," he says.

If there's a message he'd like you to take away from this interview, it's this: We can all stop investing in fear every day and gently and willingly listen to our inner voice, then delete our hurtful thoughts, words and actions.

He's done that, and as a result, he's recently received these positive thoughts, he says:

• "Property of the ego is different than heaven's real estate."

• "When you arrive at a destination of peace in your life, it means you arrive with only one baggage, and when you open it, it's just a smile."

• "We are created by love, in love, for love."

Call him a hippie if you want, but he seems pretty happy.

Santana says it's important we realize none of us is "special." Some of his music friends didn't realize that and perished.

"People who convince themselves that they're 'special' -- you need a 'special' doctor to give you 'special' drugs. You don't listen to your God or your family, because you're 'special,' because 'nobody understands your pain.'

"That's how I lost Jimi (Hendrix), Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson ... Jim Morrison ... Marvin Gaye ..."

Instead, we can think of ourselves as "significant and meaningful."

"Special is: You alienate yourself from everybody else because you're 'better than anybody else' or worse than anybody else.

"Being significant and meaningful: You're a beam of light that comes from the mind of God, and you have a purpose on this planet.

"Like John Coltrane says, one positive thought can create a million vibrations. 'Special' is ego. It's fear. 'Significant and meaningful' is love."

That's why his band plays Coltrane's "A Love Supreme," he says.

"How many people in Las Vegas get to hear words that are healing, igniting, liberating? How many bands do you know in Las Vegas that play 'A Love Supreme'?

"We're about igniting people into their own light and reminding people of the forgotten song within them.

"And that's a song that would tell you: Your life has meaning, and you are significant and meaningful. Watch out for special. That's a land mine."

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