Wallace hoping for 'super change'

At last -- it's Election Day. And Strip stars are getting ready to vote and party.

George Wallace will not be performing as usual at the Flamingo. He will be "celebrating the whole day" with best friend Jerry Seinfeld and a handful of their friends in New York.

"You can't come (to the party) unless you're for (Barack) Obama," he says.

In fact, I asked whether any of the Wallace/Seinfeld crew will have voted for John McCain, and he said, "Man, are you crazy?"

"If you notice, we comedians -- nobody has jokes on Obama because we never had a candidate that was smarter than us. That's why we're all voting for him. Well, most of us. Dennis Miller is not voting for Obama."

Wallace says his early voting process was painless on Friday.

"I voted in a line of 200 people at the Boulevard Mall, and I was out of there in 20 minutes. They have a great system there."

His final pitch: Obama will be good for Vegas.

"People are gonna feel good about themselves, and when they feel good about themselves, then they're more apt to drive from Los Angeles," he says.

"Right now people are a little negative about everything."

If Obama wins, it'll be an emotional night, he says.

"A lot of people are gonna cry. I think I'm gonna cry. I'm already excited about it. It's just joy. I think it's good for the world, not only America. We need a super change."


Funny Penn Jillette is probably the most famous libertarian on the Strip. You can see his politics in "Penn & Teller: "Bull----!" on Showtime. He hasn't planned to do anything special in terms of partying. But he did offer to film an election episode for Showtime.

"The only thing we wanted to do was (a special) called, 'Your Vote Doesn't Matter, Don't Bother,' and Showtime didn't want us to do that," he says and laughs.

I told him, "That doesn't sound very enfranchising."

"No, it wasn't very enfranchising. But we're not very enfranchised."


Star female impersonator Frank Marino knows he will wear red, white and blue. But he isn't sure whom to vote for.

"I wanted Hillary Clinton," Marino says. "I thought we were ready to have a woman in the White House. Don't get me wrong. I knew every 28 days, there'd be tense negotiations.

"I like McCain, but God forbid something happens to him; we're gonna end up with the Avon Lady as the president. So I don't know which way I'm gonna go."


Rasheda Ali, author and daughter of Muhammad Ali, will be backstage at Grant Park in Chicago when Obama addresses a mass of supporters. I asked her at Criss Angel's "black carpet" opening of "Believe" whether she used her connections to go backstage. She smiled:

"There's nothing wrong with that is there?"


"I just hope the American public makes the right decision. I'm going to Chicago to celebrate, so we'll see what happens."


There aren't many bipartisan election parties promoted on the Strip.

Hash House A Go Go is offering red and blue election drinks (both cocktails and nonalcoholic) from 5 p.m. onward. I'm told music will be on in the background, and the TV might be turned up if people request to hear returns.

SushiSamba at Palazzo is doing a viewing party with an election menu of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian food, plus blue and red drinks called the Obamarama (muddled lemon, blueberries and sugar with vodka, blue Curaçao and club soda) and the Maverick (muddled raspberries with sugar, raspberry rum, triple sec, grenadine and unsweetened white tea). Apparently, the Dem and GOP drinks are both "muddled." What do you make of that? SushiSamba has flat screens and projections.

And Lavo lounge at Palazzo is doing election partying from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Admission is free, but you have to RSVP at TheExecutiveLounge.com. Televisions will be on, and "the sound will be on from time to time," I'm told, although there will be intermittent sound bites played, from John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr., Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.


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