99 Words About ... The enduring popularity of 'Rudolph'

Santa’s kind of a tool.

The same goes for Comet and that traitorous jackhole Fireball.

But that, nor the fact that the 49-year-old special has been available on home video since 1998, will keep “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (8 p.m. Tuesday, KLAS-TV, Channel 8) from being among next week’s highest-rated broadcasts.

It doesn’t even make that much sense.

An elf who yearns to be a dentist? A water pistol scorned because it shoots jelly? A Charlie-in-the-box?

You could go on and on.

But just try to remain unmoved by Rudolph’s 9-year-old-with-the-sniffles voice when he exclaims, “She said I’m cuuuuuuuude!”