Aniston, Butler star in 'Bounty Hunter'

Movie: "The Bounty Hunter"

When: Opening Friday at local theaters

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Director: Andy Tennant

The story: A down-on-his-luck bounty hunter discovers that his latest target is his bail-jumping ex-wife, a reporter who gives him the slip so she can get the goods on a murder cover-up, prompting him to give chase -- and join her as they run for their lives.

The buzz: In addition to starring in this cross-country caper, stars Aniston and Butler are starring in the tabloids these days, thanks to their rumored romance. Christine Baranski, Cathy Moriarty and "Saturday Night Live" regulars Siobhan Fallon (past) and Jason Sudeikis (present) co-star for director Andy Tennant, who returns to the kind of bickering, opposites-attract comedy that characterized such previous hits as "Hitch" and "Sweet Home Alabama."