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Theater, concert patrons have rules to obey

“Ding-dong. Hello, my name is Elder …” Very soon The Smith Center for the Performing Arts will fling open the doors on Reynolds Hall to a flood of patrons. There are those who may be familiar with that opening salvo to “The Book of Mormon.” But we’d still like to hear it. And we’d like to see it.

Timeless ‘Earnest’ still relevant, surprising

Brandon Burk directs Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners “The Importance of Being Earnest” for Off-Strip Productions at the Onyx Theatre with as light a touch as the delicate crustless cucumber sandwiches that Algernon Moncrieff scarfs down while awaiting his guests in the opening scene. Burk skips the hoary Masterpiece Theatre treatment of this classic and instead surprises his audience with a play with moral irreverence as surprising and funny to today’s audience as it must have been when first performed in London.