Blast off with Fuzz

You know what’s really hard?

No, it’s not becoming a parent, swimming the English Channel with ankle weights or thumb wrestling Uma Thurman’s character in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.”

If we’re talking about real challenges, try sitting in a cubicle and writing about the self-titled debut from amp-liquefying garage rockers Fuzz while trying to somehow suppress the urge to stand on one’s desk, riffing hard on an air Stratocaster while whipping around one’s imaginary mane and warding off a flame-snorting space dragon that also happens to be invisible.

Now that’s a tough task, chief.

How to describe the planetoid-heavy duo of singer-guitarist Charlie Moothart and drummer/indie rock workhorse Ty Segall?

Think Blue Cheer blasted into orbit on a rocket ship powered not by internal combustion, but rather the pure, gravity-defying force of the Hawkwind discography.

It’s a blast (off).

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