Brady, unbilled co-star wow 'em with improv

Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum are telepathic.

Or maybe they've just been doing this so long, they don't need a sixth sense to improvise a sketch based on audience input, then "rewind" it in the exact reverse order.

Either way, Brady and his constant but unbilled co-star have been doing improv on the Strip for years, and they have the rapport of a veteran comedy team.

It always seems to come back to the two of them and the improv format, even though Brady ventured out into more of a variety showcase with a full band a few years ago.

But singers we have elsewhere. These are unique skills, to ask Brady to spot-compose a Prince song called "Bad Vasectomy" and make it funny, and make it rhyme. Go ahead. It won't faze him.

Brady and Mangum are back on TV on July 10 with other great improvisers in ABC's "Trust Us With Your Life."

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