Changes to Neon entertainment magazine debut Friday

An expanded and more user-friendly Neon debuts in today' s Review-Journal.

The magazine's extensive coverage of entertainment offerings in the Las Vegas Valley continues, but with newly designed listings that are more streamlined and easy to navigate for people wanting a quick overview.

Readers seeking a deeper look will find the same informative stories and timely interviews covering the Las Vegas entertainment scene, from international acts in town for concerts to standing shows on the Strip and homegrown festivals. Reviews of local shows and the latest movies also remain an important part of the mix.

"We realized that some publications might put a bigger emphasis on certain areas, such as nightclubs, but none could compare to Neon in all areas of entertainment in Las Vegas. We wanted to make sure our publication comprehensively covered Las Vegas shows, music, movies, dining, nightclubs, the arts and leisure activities," Review-Journal Features Editor Frank Fertado said.

Free-standing copies of the magazine with a new glossy cover are distributed free to concierge desks and racks on the Strip and inserted into single copies of newspapers sold elsewhere in the valley, such as convenience stores and supermarkets. Home subscribers receive a magazine with a brighter, higher-quality newsprint cover inserted in their newspapers as usual.

The redesign process started in the spring with a committee of reporters, designers and editors assigned to study and recommend how Neon could be improved to reach a wider audience. .

"Focus groups of community members told us they wanted more information on dining and family activities, and we've included that in our redesigned magazine," Fertado said.

Coverage of the city's hot nightclub scene expands in the new Neon to include Doug Elfman's club-oriented column, a photo page of celebrities visiting various local hot spots and a simple guide to the clubs and their weekly activities.

Budget-minded readers can find good deals in the On Budget and Strip Tips columns. Our expert critics and reporters offer an entertainment recommendation of the week in the Six Picks feature.

The Show & Tell feature checks in with local male and female dancers from shows, nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs in a fun question-and-answer format.