Family, pals will be at Cannery’s ‘Celebration of the King’s Life’

It’s a birthday party, yes, but also a family reunion at this point.

Each year, those who still proclaim Elvis is still the King flock to the Cannery for “The Celebration of the King’s Life.”

Some of the same members of the extended Elvis Presley family show up most years, including tribute artist Johnny Fortuno and the (real) Stamps Quartet, who again are the musical guests on Friday and Saturday at the gathering to remember Presley’s 79th birthday.

Octogenarian comedian Sammy Shore used to open Presley shows at the Las Vegas Hilton. Darlene Tompkins was his co-star in “Blue Hawaii” and Sam Thompson was his bodyguard.

Fine, you say, but what about the deep-fried pickles? Check the “Food Fit for the King” buffet.

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