Impressions are just part of punch line for Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is the best impressionist not to make a big deal out of being one. Especially in Las Vegas, where even bad ones do.

That’s because “I’m not doing an impressions show; I’m telling stories about things that happened to me,” he explained last year. “I don’t want to lie to anybody, and I don’t want to make up a goofy scenario: ‘What if Steven Wright was the announcer for pro wrestling?’ ”

That one sounds pretty good, actually.

Still, if Norm Macdonald or Colin Quinn can say something in a funnier way than Mohr can, that’s the way you hear it on his “Mohr Stories” podcast or “Jay Mohr Sports” on Fox Sports Radio.

And you will always hear Christopher Walken. “If I don’t do Walken, people get mad,” Mohr said. “I have to go out and I have to do it first.”

While Mohr and Adam Carolla cross over to one another’s podcasts so often it’s sometimes hard to remember which one you’re listening to, there is no such confusion in their live acts.

Carolla brings his podcast to Treasure Island on Feb. 21, but Mohr sticks to stand-up at the South Point this weekend.

“My podcast conversations tend to get very personal and very intimate. When you’re in front of a crowd, you tend to maybe put on a face and talk a little louder.”

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