Lazystars sound 'like that first shot of whiskey after a hard day's night'

Though they've played in such notable Vegas bands as Psychic Radio, Big Bad Zero and The Killers, The Lazystars' blissed out rock 'n' roll doesn't bear much in common with the band members' solid pedigrees. Instead, they've forged their own sound, posited on buoyant melodies and cresting guitars. Read on as singer/keyboardist Dave Hawkins, guitarist Dave Meeks, bassist Tony DiVincenzo and drummer Brian Havens try and teach us how to be all cool and stuff.

What do The Lazystars sound like?

Hawkins: "Sounds like that first shot of whiskey after a hard day's night."

DiVincenzo: "Lazystars sound like a bunch of dudes having a really cool time."

Your debut EP, "All of the Difference," seems primed for the airwaves. What tunes can you not help but crank when they come on the radio?

DiVincenzo : "It's all about that classic rock. I'm a sucker for 'Twist and Shout.' "

Meeks : "Any Beatles tune."

You guys are a slick lookin' bunch. Tell us the most uncool thing about your band.

Hawkins : "I own two little dogs named after Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Or is that a cool thing? I don't know."

DiVincenzo: "Way too many to list. Next question."

Havens : "Uncool, ha, ha, ha."

Meeks: "There is nothing uncool about us."

Judging from your MySpace page, you guys have plenty of female admirers. Tell all the dudes out there reading this how it's done.

Hawkins: "Seriously! I need to check it more often then."

DiVincenzo: "Form a band with your mates, sing halfway decent songs and that's it."

Havens : "Get in a band that understands what music is really about and the rest follows."

Meeks: "Dress really cool."

See the Lazystars at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road. Call 693-4040.

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