The Missed Connections section of Craigslist can be one of the most entertaining parts of the site to read, which is why one blogger has turned those ads into art. At missedcon nectionsny.blogspot.com, Sophie Blackall takes real ads and uses the words to create some beautiful, and sometimes amusing, portraits.

Like free stuff? Really, who doesn't? At www.freakyfreddies.com, there is a list that's updated daily telling you where to get everything from a free sample of soy butter to free Philadelphia 76ers tickets.

Your Twitter updates may say more about you than you think. The site tweetpsych.com, analyzes your tweets to tell about you. Just enter your user name (don't worry, no password required) and it will give you a report about what you like to talk about and what your tweets indicate about your personality. The only caveat is that your profile must be public.

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