Missing Links

Parents weren't always so, well, lame. There was a time when your parents were awesome, and myparentswereawesome. tumblr.com celebrates that. The site features parents (and grandparents) in matching outfits in front of a disco van, dressed for Halloween and snuggled up on the couch wearing snazzy duds.

Sometimes a misspelled word in the title will propel a good eBay product into the land of the unsearchable. Good thing there's www.bargainchecker.com. This site finds misspelled listings that others don't see, meaning less competition for you in your bidding.

If you're single, you know all too well how bad dates can be. If you're not single, but would like a reminder, visit www. abadcaseofthedates.com. Contributors share their horrifying dates. As the Web site says: "Bad dates. Good stories."

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