Deemed a gallery of regret, ugliesttattoos.com features some pretty bad examples of ink. For instance, there's a tattoo of a dolphin smoking out of a bong, the face of Linda Blair's character in "The Exorcist" and a logo for a Canadian baseball league that lasted less than a season. (And it's paired with amateur drawings of Disney characters, making for one hot mess of a tattoo.)

They're not legitimately crazy at emailsfrom crazypeople.com, but there are certainly some humdingers on the site. There's the guy who is looking for someone to dress up as a clown and hang out with him, the letter someone left on a front door asking to rent a room, when no room was available or even advertised and the really angry mother who takes umbrage with a teacher's school supply list.

There's always time to learn something new. At www.learnsomething everyday.co.uk, you can, in fact, learn something new every day. There are plenty of trivial tidbits all featured on brightly colored backgrounds with little drawings. Amaze your friends with your Cliff Clavin-like abilities next time you're at the bar.

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