Missing Links

Do you feel the urge to volunteer but find it hard to get out of the house or difficult to make it work with your schedule? Visit www.sparked.com, where you enter what causes you're interested in and what skills you have, ranging from fundraising to social media to research. The site then tells you how many projects are available that meet your interests. Sign up and you're helping to make the world a better place.

As lolslater.tumblr.com says, " 'Saved by the Bell' is funnier in retrospect." The author answers questions about the show, spotlights some of the best moments and offers witty commentary on some of the scenes.

When are you happiest and what makes you happy? Visit www.trackyourhappiness.org and do just that. The site checks in with you periodically (you set how often you want to be contacted), enter how you're feeling at that moment then look over the pattern. Are you happiest when you get off work? Are you happiest when your child hugs you? Or are you happiest when you're about to eat a big slice of chocolate cake?

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