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Take a simple statement, enter it into funnytranslator.com and see what you end up with. The site will translate the statement into several other languages, then back to English, then back to other languages, before giving you a final translation. Sentences such as "To be or not to be, that is the question," end up with a final result of "This is a problem." Strangely addictive, you might find yourself spending a significant portion of time playing with this site.

Love to golf? Visit www.t1off.com, where you can create golf groups and invite others, list yourself so other players can find you and find information on golf courses and upcoming events. This site could be perfect when traveling, to find a place to play or someone to play with.

Speaking of traveling, visit www.getatravel deal.com to, well, get a travel deal. Collecting deals from around the Internet, choose from airline deals, hotel specials, cruise discounts or car rental coupons.

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