Missing Links

When it comes to eBay, somebody's gotta model the clothes that are up on the auction site. That's where girlsofebay.biz comes in. These auction pinup girls rock everything from a "World's Most Amazing Grandpa" sweatshirt to a 1980s dress gone wrong, and they do it with style.

Chuck Norris is a man who achieves superhuman feats on a regular basis. If you'd like to know just some of the things he's capable of, visit www. randomchucknorris facts.com. For example, did you know Norris has every Internet site stored in his memory and refreshes websites by blinking? No, really.

It's primary season, and soon it will be election time. That's why legistalker.org can come in handy. The site tracks every Twitter, YouTube and website mention of members of Congress.

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