Missing Links

Ever spend hours trying to get into your Gmail and it's just not working? Is your computer on the fritz? Did work ban you from going to a certain site? Or is it down for everyone? At the site downforeveryoneor justme.com, you can check the status of your favorite site to see if it is down for everyone or it is, in fact, just you.

Speaking of common problems, the site www.car complaints.com enables users to discuss things that have gone wrong on their cars. You can now see if that noise is common to your car, what it probably is and a ballpark range on how much to fix it.

Lots of things are awesome, but what's the most awesome thing ever? Engage in battle at www. mostawesomestthingever.com. Two items are presented. You vote for which is the most awesome, then the site will tell you that item's win-lose record and where it stands in the grand scheme of awesome things.

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