You know that forced smile some people give? Because there's a blog devoted to just about everything, smiledead.com offers a collection of people "smiling like they're dead inside." The common thread in these smiles appears to be gritted teeth, though some border on wincing.

Before people communicated via text message and e-mail, they actually wrote letters. At www.letter heady.com, the old-fashioned concept of letterhead is celebrated. Pepsi-Cola's 1941 letterhead, Lawrence Welk's stationary from 1958 and some really intricate letterhead from 1976 courtesy of the Church of Scientology are among the posted entries.

Waffle irons are not just for waffles anymore. At www.waffleizer.com, they aim to prove that concept by making all kinds of things in the waffle iron. From waffle bread pudding to waffle hash browns, this site doesn't just show you the finished product, they even show you how to do it in your own kitchen.

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