Need help with one of your classes? Designed to mimic an old-fashioned study group, www.grade genie.com will connect you with other people from your class. There's no exchanging tests or recycling research papers. The site is strictly for exchanging notes and helping each other out.

What is it about superheroes that attract the imagination of children? At growingupheroes.com, readers submit pictures of themselves as children dressed as their favorite superhero. Not surprisingly, the early '80s trend of Underoos can account for at least some of the pictures.

Nobody could cook like Grandma, and at recipecurio.com, you can probably find some of the recipes she used. Culled from magazine and newspaper clippings -- some as far back as the 1940s -- there are hundreds of recipes listed here. Each entry features the original clip, then the recipe typed out for easier reading.

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