What we can learn from Robin Williams’ Legacy

Robin Williams had a profound influence, not only on Hollywood and comedy, but also on the lives of many individuals. There has been a flood of celebrities honoring and celebrating the actor, but there have also been those who aren’t so famous who have paid their respects to a man who made such a difference in the world. We at OK.com feel that it is important to highlight these tributes as well.

Here are just a few examples shared on Facebook of Williams’ lasting impact.

Facebook tributes

“Robin Williams was such a brilliant actor with many wonderful performances like Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, and Awakenings. However, the one movie that meant more to me than anything is Mrs. Doubtfire. Through the hilarious antics in the movie I cry every time at the end. I watched this movie a lot as my parents were getting divorced as a kid and it taught me that sometimes mommies and daddies just don’t get along and that they are better apart and that ‘just because they don’t love each other anymore doesn’t mean they don’t love you.’ Thank you so much for your gift that you gave the world Robin Williams.” — Shanice Holt

“When I was a kid, Robin Williams was probably the first actor I came to identify when I found out that Genie from Aladdin was the same person as Mrs. Doubtfire. He delighted me as a child, and captured my imagination and emotions as an adult. Make ‘em laugh, Robin. RIP.” — Gabriel Spencer

“Thanks for teaching me that it’s important to save my last wish to grant someone else’s. Rest in peace ‘Oh Captain, my Captain.’ ” — Zachary Bringhurst

These are just a few of the thousands of thoughts that were expressed over social media in the wake of Williams’ passing. Through his many performances, Williams was able to touch people in myriad ways, making us laugh out loud and even shed some tears. It is clear that the legacy he leaves behind will not soon be forgotten.

What we can learn

While Williams was a celebrity, his importance stems directly from his humanity, not his popularity. We can all learn from this experience by realizing our responsibility to the people around us and understanding our own significance.

Every person has an effect on the world, big or small. Every person is cherished beyond measure. Every person matters, and every person deserves to know they are loved.

So don’t wait to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, and do it often. We all need a reminder every once in a while.

If you ever find yourself so overwhelmed in the depths of depression, remember that you matter. There is something you have to offer the world. You are never completely alone. You are loved.