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4 inspiring movies on Netflix

Scouring that behemoth that is the Netflix library for something worthwhile to watch? Look no further. These movies are all incredible stories packed full of powerful messages.

Romantic comedies for him and her

Looking for movies to watch together on date night? We know it can be hard to find a romantic comedy that both guys and girls enjoy. That’s why we have come up with some excellent choices that have something both of you should like.

Experience EDC from a safe, dark room

“Under the Electric Sky” follows a Texas college student, a group of friends from Massachusetts, long-distance lovers, a man in a wheelchair, an engaged couple and a “rave family” as they travel to Las Vegas for the 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival.

3 movie sequels that lived up to the hype

A recent fan-generated poll on indicates that of the 10 most-anticipated movies this summer, six are sequels. With that in mind, here are three sequels that somehow managed to live up to the considerable hype.