Adam Ant touring with new ensemble

Adam Ant owed his career to early MTV, but his life became a VH1 "Behind the Music."

To think of the new wave pop star and the pirate wardrobe he could have stolen from Siegfried & Roy is to remember those days when the world's young huddled in front of their MTV to see what he would wear next.

But those "Goody Two Shoes" days were followed by a debilitating bipolar condition.

The 57-year-old told the Sun newspaper, "My hair fell out and I couldn't pick up a book, as I couldn't concentrate," because of the medication he was on. "I didn't write a song or pick up a guitar in that time - and piled on the weight. I may as well have been dead."

Recently, the singer has surprised skeptics with his new work ethic as he tours with his new ensemble, The Good, The Mad and the Lovely Posse.

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