Blaqk Audio electric cousin of gothy AFI

Electronic music influences have slowly crept into the gothy punk of AFI over the years, culminating in 2006's "Decemberunderground," where they blew the dust from their New Order and Depeche Mode record collections straight into the eyes of the Warped Tour ranks.

Since then, AFI frontman Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget have launched Blaqk Audio, a full-on dance music side project.

The duo's new record, "Bright Black Heaven," pairs frenetic digital beats and go-go-go synth lines with Havok's alternately fey and sonorous croon, which consistently radiates more melodrama than a week of daytime soap operas.

A moody, morose atmosphere remains constant from Havok and Puget's full-time outfit to this one, meaning these rock 'n' roll vampires still prefer dark nights to sunny days.

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