Celebrate end of summer with Brad Paisley

Oh Brad Paisley, you’ve put yourself in quite a spot.

You’ve got to bring us in for a soft landing for the end of summer 2013 on this three-day weekend, after you set impossible standards for it.

“Beat This Summer,” your 22nd No. 1 country hit, tells us, “As long as I live, whatever I do … I ain’t ever gonna beat this summer with you.”

Self-challenge thrown down, Mr. P, for Saturday’s show with Chris Young and Lee Brice.

And you set the bar a bit higher by trotting out John Fogerty for that show last week in Mountain View, Calif., treating the crowd to your duet “Hot Rod Heart” and some Fogerty classics.

Your life at 40 has come a long way from when you were 12, as you told us here at the Review-Journal in 2006. “Somebody would come up to me at church: ‘Hey, why don’t you sing for the Lions Club? We can pay you 150 bucks.’

“A 150 bucks at 12? Do you know how many ‘Star Wars’ action figures that will buy?”

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